Allure of the Stars 

Press '?' for in-game help or read PLAYING. The game may lag in a browser, but you can download a native binary that is fast, has proportional fonts and can display in fullscreen. If the game window is too large, zoom out (Control-minus) or use the native executable with 8-pixel fonts. Press NumLock if numpad erratic or use another key scheme or mouse.


Please wait. Bleeding edge experimental technology of the future is being loaded,
which may take 10 or 20 seconds with no apparent progress.
Be patient. Do not make hasty keystrokes. Breathtaking letters
in sixteen brilliant colors and HD resolution beckon from the other shore.

from README:
The game runs rather slowly in the browser (fastest on Chrome)
and you are limited to the square font for both map and texts.
Savefiles are prone to corruption on the browser,
e.g., when it's closed while the game is still saving progress.
Hence, after trying out the game, you may prefer to use a native
binary for your architecture, if it exists.

Copyright (c) 2008--2021 Andres Loeh, Mikolaj Konarski and others (see git history)




I hope you have fun playing. Regardless, please leave some anonymous feedback below or log in to the same matrix game chat room.